Better Quality … The Result of Our Process

…Indoor Fabrication and Superb Engineering Giving You More Choices and Better Quality

Manufactured under strict indoor quality management and conforming to CSA certification standard A277, our homes are built from rigid steel to withstand the stresses of transportation, which gives you a steel framed house that will endure any elements mother nature wants to throw at it.

We finish entire sections indoors complete with sealed insulation, plumbing, electrical, mechanical, flooring, cabinets, fixtures, simply everything already firmly installed under climate controlled factory conditions. Because of the indoor manufacturing process there are no problems with moisture and temperature expansion which always create varying results in stick-built wood frame housing. Our steel frames don't contract like lumber in the dry heating season. You won’t have nails popping out of the drywall after the first winter. 

Houses constructed like ours don’t move in an earthquake or tornado, they act as a lightning shield, are fire resistant, termite proof, withstand frost heaving, and are better insulated without thermal bridges, saving you energy and insurance costs. Our houses have a thermal envelope superior to wood frames since our design eliminates the wood studs. We are using Polyurethane Spray Foam to achieve a fully airtight building with superior R value for the specific climatic zone. PU Spray Foam is superior to traditional fibreglass batt insulation. Windows are double or triple pane as requested.

We are utilizing offsite, lean manufacturing techniques to produce homes in less time, with less waste, and higher quality control compared to traditional site-built construction.

Each construction phase is monitored by quality control personnel. As many as twelve inspection stages are performed on each home, such as, electrical circuit tests, plumbing tests, waterline tests, high pressure compressed air tests.