Faster Build – What About Only 60-90 Days?
Assembly Line Style Manufacturing And Shipping In Regular Overseas Containers…
Why Hasn’t Anyone Thought Of This Before? 
Speed of construction, or rather delays in construction, are a major cost factor. Weather, extreme temperatures, exposure of construction materials, short daylight, and difficulties in labor recruitment are just some factors that make building in the North more difficult. But even in moderate zones, conventional houses are being built form scratch only AFTER the foundation is laid causing similar challenges.  Time is money - especially in the construction industry. Don't wait a season for your home to be ready.
In a typical situation, you choose the lot and the model, you choose from all the different options. Once the contract is signed and the order is confirmed, we start constructing your house at the factory, often BEFORE the ground is broken. By the time the basement is poured, our units arrive on regular size trucks and can be assembled by our crew in 7 days. Ready for you to move in. 

Fast build*

*Typical timeline.